Pouya Investment at a Glance

Pouya Investment Co. was established on 23 February 2004 as a private joint stock company and was registered No. 217510 on 23 February 2004 in the Registration Office of Companies and Industrial Property of Tehran, and began operation on 23 February 2004. The company was accepted as a financial institution (investment company) No. 11389 by the Securities and Exchange Organization dated 29 November 2018. Plus, according to the extraordinary general assembly minutes and the license No. 11682/122 dated 11 September 2016, the company became a public company and was registered in the Registration Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Companies in 2 November 2016. At the moment, Pouya Investment Co. is a subsidiary of Tadbir Investment Co. (private joint stock), and the final business unit of the group is Tadbir Economic Development Group Comapany. The company headquarters is located at No. 5, 4th Floor, 1stAlley, South Gandhi Avenue, Tehran, and its main activity is located in Tehran.  


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4th Floor, No.5, 1st Alley, South Gandhi Ave, Tehran

Postal Code: 1517615515 

Fax: 021 88198027
Tel: 021 88198021