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Dynamic Investment Company was established on 12/04/1382 in the form of special shares and was registered in Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office under number 217510 dated 12/04/1382 and national ID number 10102588528. This company has experienced extensive changes over the years. The company's activity has continued since the beginning of 2013 with an independent structure and in a new form. The company was registered with the Securities and Exchange Organization on 09/08/2013 with license number 11389 as a financial institution - investment company. In addition, based on the minutes of the extraordinary general assembly meeting dated 06/13/2015 and license number 122/11682 dated 06/21/2016 Stock Exchange Organization, the company was converted from a private stock to a public stock with the symbol "Wopoya" and the new articles of association were approved and replaced. The previous statute. The company was admitted to the primary market on 12/05/1398 and was included in the list of publishing companies as a publisher based on letter number 122/11682 dated 02/17/1399. The company's shares were offered in the over-the-counter market on July 4, 2019. Currently, dynamic investment company is one of the subsidiary commercial units of Tadbir Investment Group (public stock) and the final commercial unit is Tadbir Economic Development Group.

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