Code of Conduct

Imam Sadiq (AS): "Avoid two qualities: impatience and laziness, because if you are impatient, you will not be patient for the right thing and if you are lazy, you will not do the right thing."

Code of conduct

 With trust in God:

-          We always take steps to get the satisfaction of God Almighty, and always assume that God is monitoring our actions.

-          We put our priority on ethical and organizational values.

-          We regard proper implementation of laws and regulations as well as cooperation and observation of organizational discipline as core activities.

-          We consider understanding and proper use of organizational authority at all levels as the origin of health in organizational behavior.

-          We protect assets and interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders.

-          We regard unauthorized use of the assets and property of the company as the criterion for our faith and honesty.

-          We seek our credibility in clarifying information, complying with rules, regulations, and professional standards, and gaining stakeholders' trust and satisfaction.

-          We consider the secret of our success in maintaining, promoting and employing efficient human resources as the supreme pillar of organizational capital.

-          We promote our professional abilities and competencies and perform assigned duties equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience.

-          We help colleagues in implementing this code of conduct and support them to follow its provisions.


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